Doctor seeks justice after assault at police station – 01 Jul 2022

Victim asks for protection, claims threat to her life

Dr Marriam Hussain, who was assaulted at a police station in Bahawalnagar, asked concerned authorities to investigate the incident so that she may receive justice.

Footage of the incident, which went viral on social media, showcased Hussain being mercilessly beaten by a man within the presence of the Station House Officer.

In her plea, shared by a journalist, Dr Hussain stated that she was a survivor of domestic violence, adding that her husband was an addict. She claimed that upon her resistance to her husband’s abuse, he had called her to the police station where he sent “thugs” to assault her.

Dr Hussain alleged that the perpetrator had broken her bones and caused other injuries. The victim pleaded for justice, stating that she is a single mother with four children and a threat to her life persists.

“After all the violence I was subjected to, I still have not received justice,” she said.

According to the Punjab Police, the doctor and her husband had a dispute for which they were asked to come to the police station. However, the woman’s husband sent his cousin Adeel instead.

They said that an argument broke out between the woman and the man after which Adeel assaulted the doctor, adding that the man was immediately arrested and sent to prison. The police also removed the SHO.

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