Woman killed by brother-in-law – 29 Jul 2022

Police registered case against fleeing suspect

A man gunned down his sister-in-law outside a hospital within the limits of Chauntra police station on Thursday.

Police said that the suspect named Waqar Ali killed her to avenge the murder of his sister. They added that Muhammad Younis informed them he took his daughter Razia Younis to Rural Health Center for a check-up and just as they stepped outside of the hospital, her daughter’s brother-in-law Waqar Ahmed showed up, shot her dead and fled. He added that his sons had killed her sister over eight years go. However, later his sons were acquitted by the court and the matter was settled through reconciliation.

Younis said that around a month and a half back, Razia tied the knot with Waqar’s younger brother Aqib Ali. He added that they asked for Razia’s proposal to take revenge and eventually killed her.

Police have registered a case and started an investigation.

Meanwhile, Rawalpindi police conducted raids in the jurisdiction of the Airport and Ratta Amral Police Stations and arrested three alleged drug pushers besides recovering over six kgs of hashish from their possession.

A police spokesman informed that during the operation, Airport Police held Arshad for having 2,400 grams of hashish and Asad with 2,400 grams of hashish.

In another incident, Rattaamral police also rounded up an accused, named Khurram Shehzad, for possessing 1,700 grams of hashish. Police have registered separate cases against the accused while further investigations are in progress.

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Police find no clue to baby kidnapped from hospital – 29 Jul 2022

BBH administration blames parents for negligence

A three-month-old child, who was kidnapped from the out-patient department (OPD) of the Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) on Wednesday, could not be recovered 24 hours after the abduction.

The hospital administration in its fact-finding report blamed the parents of the kidnapped child for all lapses and negligence.

Three-month-old Musa Aftab was kidnapped from the OPD of the Benazir Bhutto Hospital on Wednesday after his mother, Saima Noreen, handed over him to her 10-year-old daughter Ayesha Fatima on the premises of the OPD before she went for a check-up.

Malik Aftab, the father of the kidnapped child and a resident of Pindigheb, had lodged an FIR with the Waris Khan police stating that he visited BBH for a family check-up and his wife Saima Noreen handed over the three-month-old to their daughter Ayesha in the OPD before she went for her check-up.

Ahmed said that after his wife came out after her check-up, she found her son missing and their daughter said that a woman took the baby with her and disappeared.

Waris Khan police have registered a case against an unidentified woman and obtained the CCTV footage from the hospital. Police said that they were making all-out efforts to trace the woman who has kidnapped the child.

BBH Medical Superintendent Dr Sohail Ahmed Chaudhry said that he had constituted a fact-finding committee, which said that the kidnapping of the child did not prove any negligence on the part of the hospital administration.

He said that the CTV cameras were also closely reviewed but the woman was not seen at any other location except for in the OPD. Dr Sohail said that the security system of the hospital has once again been reviewed according to the SOPs.

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16-year-old bride ‘commits suicide’ – 29 Jul 2022

Police say waiting for autopsy report to open investigation

Three months into her marriage, a 16-year-old was found dead hanging from the hook of a ceiling fan.

Her husband informed her relatives, Edhi service and the police. Edhi’s volunteers shifted the body of the young bride from her home in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Shafiq Mor, to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for post-mortem.

According to the police, the husband of the deceased told the police in his statement that he was not present at home at the time of the incident and upon his return, he immediately informed his in-laws who lived nearby after seeing his wife’s strangulated body.

The police say that in the initial investigation, the incident appears to be suicide, but the cause of death could not be immediately ascertained. The real facts of the case will come to light in the post-mortem report. However, police were further investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, another strangulated dead body of a man was found inside a house in Sector 8A area of ​​Orangi Town. The victim was identified as Murtaza Ali, 55. The Orangi Town Police say that in the initial investigation, the family is calling the incident a suicide.

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Questioning supreme justice – 28 Jul 2022

`How dreadful it is when the right judge, judges wrong.` Sophocles A JUDICIAL boycott by the major political parties forming the government of a Supreme Court bench, headed by the chief justice of Pakistan, hearing a case of national importance, is an extraordinary judicial event by any historical standard.

The last time such a thing happened on a much smaller scale was when, in 2002, the Supreme Court Bar Association withdrew a review petition from the Supreme Court of Pakistan, on the explicit ground that the judiciary had ceased to be independent. The issue is not whether the ruling of the deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly was legally correct or not but something much more fundamental: major political parties have lost f aith in the judicial process which produces these decisions. Is this judicial crisis merely a result of sore losers or something else? Unusual short order: The Supreme Court through a short order dated July 26, 2022, declared the ruling of the deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly as erroneous and Chaudhry Parvez Elahi as the duly elected chief minister of Punjab. But this is an unusual short order, because unlike usual short orders, which hardly contain reasons, this one also contains partial reasons. The primary reason given is that the understanding and implementation of the Supreme Court short order dated May 17, 2022, on the presidential reference concerning Article 63-A of the Constitution, as well as of this particular Article itself, by the deputy Speaker was incorrect and erroneous.

In other words, this case was viewed as a simple and uncomplicated issue of `misunderstanding and implementation`, instead of a case involving complicated constitutional questions. But the main thrust of the short order is to justif y why the finding that the `decision of the party as to how to vote has been conferred upon the party head`, given by Justice Azmat Saeed, on behalf of the majority member judgement of the Supreme Court in the `District Bar Association case` (PLD 2015 SC 401), was not binding on this smaller bench of three members.

This issue was at the heart of the controversy: if the parliamentary party could legally issue directions regarding a vote of confidence motion, ParvezElahi won, but if the party head, Chaudhry Shujaat, could only issue such directions, Hamza Shehbaz won. In the presence of this explicit finding by a larger Supreme Court bench in favour of the party head, the short order declares that this larger Supreme Court judgement is not binding on it for the following reasons. Firstly, this finding was supported allegedly only by eight judges out of a full court of 17 judges and for a judgement to be binding precedent, it should have the support of nine judges out of 17 judges.

Secondly, these findings conferring the power to issue directions on the party head are in conflict with the express provisions of Article 63-A, which states that the parliamentary party will issue suchdirections. In short, these findings by Justice Azmat Saeed are unconstitutional.

Thirdly, these are not really findings but are merely `passing remarks` because this case only involved the question as to the unconstitutionality of Article 63-A and not as to who will issue such directions under Article 63-A.

Lastly, the current chief justice, Umar Bandial, who had also signed and supported the lead majority judgement of Justice Azmat Saeed, in 2015, did not give any finding on Article 63-A. In short, Justice Umar Bandial did not support these findings of Justice Azmat Saeed on Article 63-A.

Erroneous reasoning: The reasoning in the short order is erroneous, self-contradictory and itself provides grounds that only a larger bench of the Supreme Court should have heard this case. Firstly, the very fact that three and half pages have been written in the short order to justify why the major-ity judgement of Justice Azmat Saeed is not binding itself proves that this matter apparently involves complicated precedents and only a larger bench of at least nine Supreme Court judges could resolve thisissue.

Secondly, if the reasoning of Justice Azmat Saeed that under Article 63-A, the party head is to issue directions regarding voting in a confidence motion is in conflict with the express words of Article 63-A(1)(b) which uses the term `parliamentary party` then by the same logic, the majority short order dated May 17, 2022, of these same three Supreme Court judges on the interpretation of Article 63-A is also in conflict with the Constitution because the condition of not counting the votes has been read into Article 63-A, which is just not present in the constitutional text. In other words, inconsistent approaches to constitutional interpretation have been adopted.

Thirdly, in para 1 of the judgement of Justice Umar Bandial in the case of the `District Bar Association case`, Justice Bandial has fully supported all the findings of Justice Azmat Saeed, in the following categorical terms that `with respect, I agree with the appreciation of relevant facts and the grounds and reasons sustaining the findings given on all the points addressed in the aforementioned opinion` (ie `all` means all). Surely, if a judge now wants to take a different legal interpretation, this itself shows the complicated nature of this constitutional case. In short, this case should not have been heard by a smaller three bench but rather by a larger bench of at least nine of the senior-most Supreme Court members as this was not a simple issue of mere `understanding and implementation` but rather a complicated case of constitutional interpretation, involving allegedly erroneous binding precedents and a case which will have f ar-reaching constitutional and political implications.

It is irrelevant whether the conclusions reached through the short order are correct or not. A losing party will only accept a judicial decision against them if it is perceived to be the result of a fair, just and legally correct process. Sadly, the root cause of this judicial crisis lies in the erroneous judicial choice where the quick conclusion of this case was preferred over the fairness of the judicial process.• The wifter is a lawyer.

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Climate devastation – 28 Jul 2022

SCIENTISTS had been warning us for decades that the environment has been changing for the worse, yet we hardly paid them any heed. However, as another destructive monsoon season has now made clear, climate change cannot continue to be taken lightly and will need urgent policy-level interventions to counter the devastation changing weather patterns are leaving in their wake. Apocalyptic scenes from those places across Pakistan that saw unseasonably high rainfall this summer must serve as a wake-up call for both government policymakers as well as the executive, which is tasked with monitoring the execution of the government`s policies on the ground. Continued neglect will come at the cost of economic losses and untold suffering, as we have seen this year, with the unabated loss of life and disruptions caused by destruction ofcivilinfrastructure.

As soon as the season is over, both national and provincial governments will need to work in overdrive to restore communication linkages to places cut off due to flooding. However, not only must they attempt to fix the damage that has been done, they should also plan ahead so that next year and the years to come do not catch us unprepared. Climate scientists should be engaged to determine what lessons can be learnt from the changing weather patterns and how those can be used to prepare better for the future. Similarly, the country needs to tap its best civil engineers to design infrastructure that can both withstand and respond to the wild swings in weather patterns we seem to be experiencing with increasing frequency in recent years. Planting trees and other environmental interventions are a good step, but they are merely a band-aid on the damage already caused to the global environment by decades of unchecked industrialisation and reckless greed. It is time to adapt to new realities with solutions that are indigenous and present our best responses to the coming environmental challenges.

This will be, in many ways, a fight for our survival and a matter of national security. It ought to be treated as such. Guns, tanks, bombs and bullets are unlikely to be of much help if environmental devastation ends up robbing us of basic necessities like food, shelter and water. The country needs to plan and prioritise its budget allocations in response to these emergent challenges. We may not be in a position to afford any further delay.

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How long could you evade Covid-19? – 28 Jul 2022

After two and half years of successfully evading Covid-19, the virus eventually caught on to us. It is not important how we caught the virus, but the more critical part of the story is how we kept the virus at bay for so long? Another important question is that: is there a benefit in still trying to avoid infections or reinfections?

The reason why I was able to avoid Covid-19 for so long was because my family followed strict precautions, since my late father was at home. From the start we knew that older age groups are most vulnerable. We were also aware of the importance of ventilation, so whenever someone visited, all windows would stay open and everyone would be asked to wear masks. However, most social meetings were managed in outdoor settings. We kept the children at home and relied on online teaching until vaccination was available for them. With time, the intensity of these precautions became softer but we never stopped. Shopping was done mostly from shops with an open-door policy. In case I had to go to any office with bad ventilation, I would try to get out in the shortest possible time. Wearing a KN95 mask was a must in all public interactions as we also knew that surgical masks have very limited value. Kids started to go back to school but were fully vaccinated and classes with open windows and doors helped them stay safe. My father left us for his heavenly abode last year but he was Covid-19 free until the very end.

In 2022, most experts I follow on twitter started falling prey to this virus. I knew that we were part of a rare breed who managed to stay free of Covid-19 for so long — a group that publicly started shrinking as new variants became more infectious. My friends were not happy when, even this summer, I insisted on having outdoor gatherings, but this eventually helped us all. Following a dinner, we were informed that a dear friend, a visiting class fellow, tested positive for Covid-19. Many thanked me for insisting on having the dinner outdoors. But then, later on, I seemed to be the only one wearing a mask or trying to encourage others to follow SOPs, all while being ridiculed. Slowly, I too started to soften my insistence and stopped attending gatherings.

The virus came to our house through our children who got it from their summer academy. The summer academy uses air-conditioned rooms without properly enforcing the mask policy. It was an ideal place for transmission. Once the virus entered our house, even our attempts to isolate and ventilate went in vain. I recently tested positive for the first time. I believe the reason for our failure to stop in-house transmission was in the ability of the virus to transmit to others while a person is still seemingly symptom free. Thankfully, my family was fully vaccinated so we recovered within a week. But even on the tenth day, we still feel that we are not hundred percent perfect. The virus is so bad that even with a mild episode I noticed splinter hemorrhages in my fingernails. Just think of the havoc it could play with your blood vessels.

Covid-19 is a multisystem disease and many organs of the body could be affected every time we get an infection. Therefore, it is still wise to stay protected. Avoid new infection or re-infection as there is no guarantee that the second episode will be a milder one. In later infections, symptoms are sometimes worse than before. You could still stay protected by using ventilation as your biggest asset, wearing masks and getting the required vaccinations. The war is not over yet, so keep fighting.

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Infant kidnapped from Rawalpindi hospital – 28 Jul 2022

RAWALPINDI: A threemonth-old infant was kidnapped by a woman from Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) on Wednesday.

Aftab Ahmad, a resident of Pindigheb, lodged a first information report (FIR) with Waris Khan police saying that he visited BBH for a family check-up on Wednesday.

He said his wife Saima Noreen handed over threemonth-old Mohammad Musa to her 10-year-old daughter Aysha in the OPD before she entered a room for her check-up.

When his wife returned, he said her three-month-old son was missing. When his inquired from Aysha about the baby, she said her younger brother had been taken away by an unidentified woman.

The missing boy`s mother said she started searching for her son in the hospital but was unable to trace the kidnapper and her baby. She told police that her daughter can identify the kidnapper if produced before her.

Meanwhile, the police spokesman said that an invesdgadon had been launched after registration of the FIR, adding that the police have also been taking help from CCTV footage to trace the baby.

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Dua Zehra sent to shelter home with consent of parents, `spouse` – 28 Jul 2022

KARACHl: A judicial magistrate on Wednesday sent teenage Dua Zehra to a government-run child protection and shelter home, where she would stay till the conclusion of the trial of a case pertaining to her alleged kidnapping.

Judicial Magistrate (East) Aftab Ahmed Bughio passed this order on an application moved by her purported husband, Zaheer Ahmed, seeking directions for the child protection officer (CPO) to produce Dua in court.

Dua, who was brought to Karachi on July 24 from Lahore, was on Wednesday produced before the judicial magistrate by the investigating officer, DSP Saeed Rind through CPO Hafiz Noman Iqbal Usmani amigh tight security.

At the time of her production, the magistrate only allowed the counsel representing the parties to present inside the courtroom.

He clarified to the parties that `at this juncture it is necessary to point out that today the purpose of production of the minor/victim is to safeguard her rights till commencement of the trial and decide the better place for her for her temporary stay`.

The magistrate wrote in his order that after her production the victim/minor was identified by inquiring the introductory questions i.e. her name and father`s name.

After being satisfied with regard to the identity she was inquired about the place where she was temporarily/lodging in the Shelter Home for Destitute and Orphan Children Social Welfare. Thereafter, the magistrate also inquired accompanying CPO about the environment under which the victim/minor is kept/residing.

A counsel representing her purported husband Zaheer Ahmed said Dua wanted to give a brief statement. However, the magistrate did not entertain the counsel`s request and made it clear that she was not produced in court for the purpose of recording her statement, but the purpose was just to ensure protection of her rights, including security.

The court inquired from the counsel representing the parties as to whether they were satisfied if the custody was entrusted to the Shelter Home for the Destitute and Orphan Children Social Welfare. Upon which, both the parties Zaheer and Dua`s family showed no reservations if Dua`s custody was handed over to the shelter home.

`I`m of the opinion that Shelter Home for Destitute & Orphan Children Social Welfare is the appropriate place for entrusting the custody during the period of trial or till further orders. Accordingly, the custody of the victim is hereby entrusted to the Shelter Home for Destitute & Orphan Children Social Welfare, the magistrate ordered.

The court also directed the CPO to ensure that no person was allowed to meet Dua without seeking prior permission from the court.

He also ordered that the custody of the minor shall not be moved from the shelter home unless there was written orders from the court or any other court of competent jurisdiction.

On April 16, Dua`s parents had lodged an FIR stating that their daughter had been kidnapped when she left the house to dispose of some trash. After nearly 10 days, on April 26, the teenage girl was recovered from Okara. In a video statement that day, Dua had said that she wasn`t kidnapped and had married Zaheer of her own free will.

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Man having tea with friend in DHA shot dead – 28 Jul 2022

KARACHI: A 42-year-old man was shot dead in Defence Housing Authority, police said on Wednesday.

South-SSP Asad Raza said that Mohammed Rafiq was having tea with a woman in his car on a plot on Muslim Commercial, Phase-VI on Tuesday night when armed motorcyclists allegedly came and opened fire on him.

The SSP said the victim worked as a supervisor of a private firm at the fisheries. He had two wives and had come to the Seaview with his `female friend` when the incident occurred.

Another officer, South-SSP (Investigation), Dr Mohammed Imran Khan ruled out the possibility of a robbery bid saying that the alleged attackers did not take away anything from the victim. He added that he visited the spot and met first responders and witnesses, who reached there after the firing incident and did not see the alleged attackers.

`We are investigating as to who is involved and what was their motive,` said the of ficer.

Darakshan police have registered a case against two unidentified suspects on the complaint of the victim`s son-in-law, Mohammed Ishaq.

The body was taken to the JinnahPostgraduate Medical Centre to fulfil medico-legal formalities.

Police Surgeon Dr Summaiya Syed said the deceased had received two bullet wounds `in his mouth and a shoulder`.

Fatal stabbing in Bahadurabad A man was fatally stabbed in Bahadurabad, police said on Wednesday.

New Town police said that Rizwan Soria, 42, was stabbed by unidentified suspects inside his home in Sharafabad near Noor Medical Centre. Reason for the killing is not clear yet, the police added.

East-SSP Syed Abdul Rahim Shirazi said that the victim`s wife and children had gone to their relatives on Tuesday evening.

When they returned home at night, they saw the body of Rizwan lying in his bedroom.

He was killed with a sharp-edged weapon. He was wearing pants without a shirt and his hands were tied behind his back.

`We are able to secure CCTV footage from the home and adjourning residences and discovered some clues,` said the East SSP, adding that an FIR had been registered.

The suspect had been`identified` in the footage and efforts were under way to arrest him soon, said SSP Shirazi.

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Man convicted of murdering wife – 28 Jul 2022

TAXILA: A local court in Attock convicted a man of murdering his wife over a domesticdisputeinMadrota village around two years ago.

Additional Sessions Judge Mirza Shahid Baig sentenced 48-year-old Ali Marjan to rigorous life imprisonment for strangling to death his wife over a domestic dispute on Aug 5, 2020.

The judge also imposed a fine of Rs300,000 on Marjan as compensation paid to legal heirs of the victim.

According to the first investigation report (FIR) registered under sections 302 and 201 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), the accused escaped after committing the crime.

During proceedings, the prosecution contended that substantial evidence was available on record which established involvement of Marjan in the cold-blooded murder of the woman.

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