Nurses speak out against MS` harsh attitude – 14 Jul 2022

OKARA: The nursing staff of the Deepalpur THQ hospital onWednesday protested against the medical superintendent over his alleged derogatory attitude.

The nurses took out a rally and chanted slogans against the MS.Chief Executive Officer (Health) Dr Mahar Akhtar Hussain Baloch reached hospital and formed a threemember team of doctors to probe the allegation.

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Woman killed in Larkana couple attack – 14 Jul 2022

SUKKUR: A woman was killed and her husband injured when they were attacked in Larkana while on their way back home after attending a court on Wednesday.

A couple, including Marvi Gadahi and her spouse Jawad Ahmed, were on their way back home after attending the court of the Additional Session Judge-IV Larkana, when they were ambushed at Christian Basti in Larkana.

As a result, both the wife and husband were critically injured and were shifted to the Civil Hospital Larkana, where Marvi Gadahi succumbed to her injuries, while the condition of Jawad was said to be critical.

SHO Civil Line Police Station, Larkana said Marvi, resident of Meero Khan, had held court marriage with Jawad Ahmed, resident of the Bahawalpur in 2020, however, her parents had lodged an FIR of kidnapping against Jawad Ahmed at the Civil Line Police Station Larkana.

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Woman dragged naked in bazaar – 14 Jul 2022

Complainant tells police harrowing details of her ordeal

Yet another woman appeared to have been dishonoured in the worst possible way by some suspects who allegedly dragged her naked in the bazaar in Khurrianwala.

Police have arrested three suspects out of eight allegedly involved in the incident.

According to police report, the complainant, a resident of 69 RB, stated in her complaint registered with the police that she had earlier filed an application with the police pertaining to a robbery incident against Murtaza, Wasim, Ranjha, Abdul Majeed, Maryam, Ishrat and some others.

The complainant alleged that the accused, who had apparently been angered by the robbery complaint filed against them, barged into her house, hit her so hard that she fell to the ground, grabbed her by her hair out of her house and into the bazaar.

In the meantime, they continued to strike her with a stick and kept punching her in the face, stated the complainant.

She alleged that the accused also stripped her in the bazaar

“The accused fled waving clothes in the air,” the victim stated.

She said the people in the bazaar saw her predicament with their own eyes, but nobody came to her rescue.

Balochni police arrested three accused, who happened to be brothers.

Taking notice of the matter, the Regional Police Officer, Babar Sarfraz Alpa, demanded a report on the incident from the city police officer and ordered fulfillment of all the requirements of justice.

In the first week of last month, four armed men had stripped a young woman in public in Khurrianwala when their attempt to kidnap her failed.

The victim had been travelling in a rickshaw with her mother when the criminals intercepted them.

The victim’s mother lodged a complaint with the Women’s Police Station in which she stated that she, along with her daughter, had been on their way to Faisal Chowk in a rickshaw when the accused, Imran Shah, and his accomplices, who had been in a car, intercepted their rickshaw, forced them out of the vehicle, tortured them and attempted to kidnap her daughter.

The two women managed to thwart the attempt of kidnapping. When the criminals failed to kidnap the young woman, they fled but before fleeing they stripped the young woman in public. The Women Police Station registered a case under the provisions of 365B-511-354-148-149 of the PPC and started searching for the accused.

A case whose nature was as horrendous as the nature of the current case occurred in Khurrianwala in March.

A woman and her daughter were allegedly forced into marching in a bazaar in Satiana naked.

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Missing person(s) – 13 Jul 2022

There are important people who are missing and one of them is our president. WHERE IS HE?

I f read my title and you thought I’d really write about that topic then no, I have a job and I have a future and I don’t want to die unnecessarily. But there are important people who are missing and one of them is our president. WHERE IS HE? The last time I tried searching for our president, I saw an old man with a namaz cap walking towards the mosque to pray, turns out it was our former president Mr Mamnoon Hussain. That was a sight to see, liberating, extravagant and oozing humility.

Following that damned day, I have not seen or heard from the next president of our country ever again (hint, he carries expertise in dentistry). Someone really needs to go up to his house and check if he’s still doing okay or is he just as overwhelmed as us. I was happy to see his statement in the news the other day, it went something like ‘journalists should not be harassed’. Short, precise and right on the money. I mean if the Oscars had a category for ‘best actor for stating the obvious’, our man would win it every single year. Hands down.

Following the success of captain America, we’d have captain obvious. I do agree and accept the fact that our constitution gives limited powers to the president but its funny how we’ve completely neglected our president (no he’s not the second child either). Now don’t get me wrong, he does enough work in his office. After all, denying signatures to important laws requires effort, doesn’t it? And let us not forget the effort it takes to award the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz to newbies and amateurs (we don’t care about senior artists, we never did). God knows who decided that nomination. Evades me, to date. Don’t get me wrong, our very own friendly neighborhood president also has an inflatable raft at his disposal. The one he used to campaign when he was asking for votes.

I won’t state any more facts because facts lead to controversy. Holistically, truth is always controversial but I like to provoke people so that they think. And even otherwise, who knows, I might soon need a dental checkup so I’ll keep my options open. Don’t get me wrong, we’re a country full of surprises and legends too. Which reminds me, one of our very own legends who, when it rains, decides to cruise through the city (in a car worth nearly 2 crore rupees and another protocol car worth 1 crore rupees) making videos and marveling at the fact that the city of Karachi is free from rain water all due to his ‘tireless efforts’ and the roads are as clean as a whistle. But this legend only visits those areas which are the ‘posher’ areas of the city.

But who are we to say, we’re just third class citizens, paying taxes. This isn’t the end of the story. We have people who celebrate the fact that the dollar is gaining strength against the rupee because then, overseas Pakistanis will send more money to their households which will help the economy (what?!). We have intellectuals who have reduced the budget for education and increased the budget for guns. We have great leaders who have been milking the current taxpayers while failing to broaden the tax base. We have the supreme beings who enforce ‘educational tax’ on our children when they decide to study abroad.

But how did we end up with these guys? How are people like THESE governing us? Who brought them here and why are they not leaving? And whenever they decide to leave, they leave their children upon us, to govern us. We’re millions in number, they’re a handful (no I am not saying we need to drag them out of their offices to show them how strong we are. Or maybe I am, who am I kidding). These people are here to stay for good. Now the question, who decides who will stay?

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Politics of hatred – 13 Jul 2022

As we know, the skipper is both responsible for and sets the example for how his team conducts itself

The most recent example of regrettable political rhetoric seeping into everyday social interactions was resolved in a relatively amicable manner: the family that jeered Planning and Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal at a restaurant in Sargodha has apologised for their behaviour. Iqbal, who said the day after the incident that he would not pursue any criminal charges related to the harassment, accepted the apology and said people have every right to disagree with each other but should not let disagreements turn into hatred.

Earlier, he pinned the blame for increasing polarisation and hateful attitudes caused by political differences on PTI chief Imran Khan, noting that he had expected the cricket legend to teach his supporters good sportsmanship, but he instead did the opposite. But Imran seemed unapologetic about his supporters’ behaviour, even praising them at a recent rally for “telling the truth”. As we know, the skipper is both responsible for and sets the example for how his team conducts itself. It is thus unsurprising that several other PTI leaders and workers followed Imran’s lead or even tried to one-up him.

Former information minister Fawad Chaudhry went as far as calling on Iqbal to wear a burka in public if he wants to avoid such confrontations, while former ministers Hammad Azhar and Shireen Mazari had the gall to call the government “fascist” after serving in the cabinet of a man who was labelled a “Predator of Press Freedom” by Reporters Without Borders and checked several other boxes on the fascism checklist.

But again, taking the lead from Imran, they continue selling false narratives to captive audiences instead of opting for legitimate, but much less ‘replay-worthy’ criticism of PM Shehbaz Sharif and his government. One day, Imran, his allies and his opponents will lose relevance, but their ‘contributions’ to political discourse and society in general, much like Ziaul Haq, will linger on for decades. Unfortunately, there seems little hope that they will learn from the past and mend their ways.

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Abuse of the process of law continues – 13 Jul 2022

Has anything changed in terms of human rights in the Land of Pure ever since its birth?

They say change is constant, but has anything changed in terms of human rights in the Land of Pure ever since its birth? As cases continue to be registered against certain individuals, it once again brings to the fore the issue of lack of enforcement of fundamental rights in the country. As if a reenactment of what was happening during the previous regime, Express News anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan was arrested from Islamabad Toll Plaza on Tuesday despite the fact that he had obtained a pre-arrest bail from a court of law.

Imran Riaz’s arrest — a typical case of harassment wherein multiple FIRs are registered against the same person on the same charges in different jurisdictions of courts and police station — has reignited debate on the abuse of the process of law with intent to discourage enforcement of fundamental rights. In this context, it is not out of place to mention that access to justice is a fundamental right which is not possible without an efficient, effective and vigilant justice system. Creating obstacles to approaching courts through various means is tantamount to denial of justice.

Choudhry Manzoor Elahi v the Pakistan etc (PLD 1975 SC 66) is a case in point. Choudhry Manzoor Elahi was arrested from his house in Lahore by the Punjab police on 12 November 1973 and without producing him before the magistrate. He was shifted to Kohlu to be tried by a tribunal (jirga) under the Frontier Crimes Regulations over there. This was in outright violation of due process of law with the ulterior motive to oust the jurisdiction of Lahore High Court as contended in a writ petition filed in the Supreme Court under Article 184(3) of the Constitution.

The top court, in the landmark judgment, held that under Article 9 no person can be deprived of life and liberty, save in accordance with law; therefore, depriving him of his right was against the law. Secondly, by not producing him before a Magistrate within 24 hours of his arrest, breach of Article 10(1) of the Constitution had occurred. By that action not only his right of knowing the charges but also his right to consult and to be defended by a legal practitioner of his choice was violated. The main point in that judgment was that the Lahore High Court had not lost its jurisdiction to grant relief to Choudhry Manzoor Elahi, as he had been illegally taken out of the territorial limits of that High Court.

Holding the whole act as mala fide, the Supreme Court released him on interim bail. Discouraging the tendency of the multiplicity of FIR considering it as abuse of the process of law, Supreme Courts in both India and Pakistan have given detailed judgments, applying the principle of sameness. In the judgment of Surendra Kaushik and Others vs State of Uttar Pradesh (2013), the court applied the ‘Sameness Test’ by saying that if the second FIR alleged the improved version of the same offence, it could not be permitted whereas ‘rival version’ of the same incident in multiple FIR can be permitted.

For instance in the case of Arnab Goswami, a renowned Indian broadcast journalist, several FIRs were lodged. But the Supreme Court took the discretion of quashing the various complaints filed in diverse jurisdictions, except an FIR lodged in Maharashtra. The judgment declared that it was an abuse of process as the facts were identical in every complaint. While applying this principle of sameness, the court has to examine the relationship of the incidents with each other or transactions of occurrence to ascertain the sameness of the incidents. The second FIR can be quashed if it is found that one incident is the part of same. Avoidance of double jeopardy being a constitutional obligation and a universally recognised notion is based on the principle of nemo debet bis vaxari: nobody can be vexed twice for the same cause.

Therefore, bar on the registration of multiple FIRs is to ensure the implementation of Article 13 of the Constitution of Pakistan and Article 20 of the Constitution of India. The Supreme Court of Pakistan in its judgement in the Sughra Bibi vs the State case, authored by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, has also held that no separate FIR is required even for new version after registration of first criminal case in any incident followed with a direction to send copies to all Inspectors General. Therefore, Inspectors General are under obligation to prevent the abuse of the process.

From the aforementioned discussion, the impression which emerges is that nothing has changed. We still have to go a long way to ensure that due process of law is not violated. Therefore in such circumstances, it is obvious that the people look towards the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take notice of such violations and enforce fundamental rights under Article 184(3) of the Constitution of Pakistan.

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Boy kidnapped by armed men – 13 Jul 2022

LAHORE: Some unidentified armed men allegedly kidnapped a 12-year-old boy from a crowded street in Sanda area here on Tuesday.

As per police and eyewitnesses, several people were present in the street when four armed men came there in a car, bundled the boy into the vehicle and sped away.

A close circuit TV (CCTV) footage of the incident showed no one dared to stop two of the armed men as they kidnapped the boy in the broad daylight.

Some of the netizens especially criticised a group of young men, present in the street and watching the entire episode as the child even ran towards them for help moments before his kidnap, for not intervening or making any attempt to rescue him.

They termed it an example of growing insensitivity in society towards crimes, especially those committed against the children.

A police team, however, reached the spot soon after the footage went viral on social media and lodged a case against the unidentified kidnappers.

Quoting findings of an initial inquiry, a police official says the boy has been identified as Tayyab, a resident of Rajgarh, who was kidnapped while returning home from a video game shop.

He says the investigators are of the opinion that the kidnapping may have a link to the video game shop, adding that the man running the shop has been taken into custody for interrogation.-Staff Reporter

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Child tortured to death, his brother injured by employers – 13 Jul 2022

LAHORE: A domestic child worker was allegedly murdered and his younger brother injured by the employers over petty mistakes at a Defence Housing Authority (DHA) house on Monday.

The police investigators who investigated the murder case of Kamran, 10, and his injured brother Rizwan, 6, said they found deep bruises of sharpedged weapons.

A police official said the children were hired by Nasrullah, a resident of DHA`s Phase III. He said police received an emergency call from a private hospital that it had received a domestic child worker dead and another critically injured. The doctors said the body of the deceased boyhad deep torture marks while the condition of the other boy was serious.

Police experts reached the hospital and af ter initial investigation concluded that the act of the brutality was committed by the family of the house owner. The official said Nasrullah and his son Mahmoodul Hassan brought the children to the private hospital to conceal the crime.

Meanwhile, senior police officers also reached there on being informed about the crime, he said, adding that the injured boy told them that Hassan and his brother Abul Hassan used to torture him and his brother over trifling mistakes.

On Monday, he said, the suspects tied them with ropes in a room and subjected them to severe torture using sharpedged tools. They kept on beat-ing them for many hours which led to the death of his elder brother, he said, adding that the other members of the family including women were also present there.

The police of ficial said those who committed the heinous crime were Nasrullah, his wife Shabana, two sons and his daughter-in-law Hinna. All these suspects had been nominated in the murder case lodged against them on the complaint of ASI Amanullah.

Police arrested Nasrullah, his son Hassan and Shabana while other suspects fled.

The IGP took notice of the murder of the child and directed the Lahore police highers-ups to arrest the perpetrators and stay in contact with the affected family.

SHOT DEAD: A drug trafficker allegedly shot dead awoman on suspicion that she was a police informer at Baghbanpura on Monday.

Identified as Rubina Sarwar, the woman was a mother of five children.

A video clip of the incident showed Akram opened fire on the woman and fled the scene, leaving her injured. She was taken to hospital where doctors pronounced her dead.

A police of ficial said the suspect was running an illegal drug business in the area.

Some local residents held police responsible for the murder of the woman, saying she had complained to police about the illegal drug business of the suspect. They said police took him into custody on her complaint and then released him.

The drug supplier nurtured a grudge and shot dead the woman.

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Body of minor girl found in Charsadda – 13 Jul 2022

CHARSADDA: The body of a four-year-old girl, who went missing a day earlier, was found dumped on the bank of Jindi River early on Tuesday.

Obaidullah told police that his daughter Maryam went out of the house at around 6.30pm on Monday to play, but she did not return. He said the family started search, but they could not find her.

Obaidullah, who belongs to Shabara locality of Prang area, said they received information early on Tuesday that the girl`s slaughtered body was lying on the bank of Jindi River.

The relatives reached there and shifted the body to the hospital in Rajjar. District police officer Sohail Khalid visited the bereaved family and assured them of all help to trace the culprits.

He also formed an investigation team for the purpose.-Correspondent

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